Energiring is about engineering for better energy management! 

As an energy design and management company, we perform a variety of tasks for our energy business clients, advise them on a diverse range of issues, and offering the best innovative designs and technologies including energy management techniques, renewable energy alternatives, energy efficiency solutions, and consultancy for oil and gas sector. Based on that, we have four major divisions in our group, as follows:

Energy informatics is a novel field in energy market and research, covering the use of information and communication technology (ICT) to address energy-related challenges in future cities. Energy management integrates and optimizes assets and infrastructure in the energy domain including energy sources, generation, distribution, monitoring systems, billing, and prosumers. Methodologies used for “smart” implementations often combine sensors with artificial intelligence and machine learning. It is originated on flow networks that are the major suppliers and consumers of energy where efficiency can be improved by collecting and analyzing information. In this way, intelligent software platforms will seamlessly match energy supply and demand without human interaction.

The continuing energy transition to more efficiency and less greenhouse gas (GHG) will push public and private end-users and stakeholders to take new roles in the changing energy systems. In this way, using renewable sources for energy (i.e., solar, wind, geothermal, biogas, etc.) as well as flexible micro/small cogeneration of heat and power (CHP) are two of the most significant possibilities for future distributed generation (DG) in a smart energy architecture including both gas network and electricity grid (i.e., Smart Grid).

From supply side point of view, improving fuel utilization factor, fuel flexibility, plants retrofit, power augmentation, heat recovery approaches, and data-driven services like intelligent monitoring, prediction, and control are among the most important alternatives. In terms of more efficient demand side, optimizing energy consumption such as handling electric demand for peak load reduction, performing energy conservation tasks for lights, motors, HVAC, refrigeration, steam/hot water systems, air compressors, etc., accomplishing audits, and using intelligent tools/devices/apparatus to realize smart buildings will be considered. 

Norway is a world leader in areas of the petroleum industry, specifically offshore oil and gas. From both technical and managerial points of view, Norway has successfully demonstrated the capability of not only developing new technologies/procedures but also getting the new products/manners into the market. The demonstrated concept of combining education, technology development and use of new technology is a Norwegian trademark. There is also a well-established tradition of close collaboration between authorities, industries and knowledge institutes in Norway that can inspire other countries.


The question is that how can energy companies survive when confronted from both the big global players with increasing success stories and the smaller and smart new entrants taking a role in the upcoming circular economy/eco-sharing economy in field of energy. In this regard, our vision is to be a well-known Energy Management brand in international market within 2025.

Based on that, the mission will be providing comprehensive energy management solutions according to the latest technologies as well as relying on our own reliable innovative designs for both modern and conventional energy sectors. Having access to reliable supply chain and effective and professional human resource to cover international market’s demands and requirements is necessary in this way.

And our value proposition will be:

–       Increasing penetration of energy management approaches into current and future energy market;

–       Innovative, simple, efficient, compact, and smart enough comprehensive products/solutions;

–       Promoting environmentally-friendly technologies and solutions and contribution into the carbon footprint and climate change concerns;

–       Focusing on qualified training and applied research for keeping the energy market innovative and up-to-date; and

–       Reliable after sales service and client support.


Together with changing customer needs, policy decisions of recent years have also placed an increasing importance of distributed renewable energy, energy informatics, and energy efficiency. As a result of such changes, new players entering into several specialized markets, which will experience more dynamic growth and an increasingly significant role in many countries. The conventional energy world, however, will continue to exist and to offer well-positioned companies attractive opportunities for business, specifically for gas-fueled technologies and energy efficiency issues.

From energy supply point of view, Energiring’s market includes thermal/geothermal/bio-fueled/hydro power plants, and wind/solar farms, where it is moving to more localized and/or non-fossil-fueled generation, using less energy and smart grid (SG— electricity, heat, and gas networks).

For energy demand perspective, our potential customers may be among residential, industrial, and commercial sectors where people are looking for more efficient and/or smarter interactive energy solutions.


Energiring Group has offices/staff throughout Norway (in Oslo and Stavanger), as headquarter in Europe, covering advisory, R&D, engineering, and procurement services.

The company mainly has corporation structure and mutual beneficial partnership with well-known international organizations, sharing proven energy-saving and environmental-friendly strategies/technologies. We will work with other relevant partners to amplify competence, fill in gaps, share experience, and finally market our services together. Formulation of suitable consortiums and joint–ventures with qualified companies including those involved in field development will increase our flexibility in providing our top-level services.