Development of an energy management platform

According to the Paris Agreement, adopted by 196 States in the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), a global warming goal of well below 2°C has been established. That is why the world is nowadays moving fast towards using Renewable Energy Systems (RES) and Energy Informatics for more efficiency. To address this transition by more affordable, sustainable, secure, and citizens-friendly solutions, all stakeholders including energy producers, grid operators, technology providers, active consumers, entrepreneurs, and researchers need to jointly and closely work in an interdisciplinary manner.Since the RES will become much more distributed with a multiplication of thousands of onsite energy sources and prosumers, the EnergiRING platform is developed to realize a highly scalable, modular, and open- and variable- access energy management system on a subscription basis. This ICT-driven toolset enables householders to choose their own optimum level of control/access to remotely monitor and communicate with their energy network. The system will interface with all the available distributed RES and storage units as well as consumers to govern energy usage and production in real time. EnergiRING is a cloud-based blockchain-oriented solution in which a novel set of software-hardware can also comprise any commercial off-the-shelf technologies/products provided by others.

The EnergiRING platform and its associated Digiby hardware can be tailor-made and then commercialized for various clients including electricity/heat power generators, distributer companies, smart homes and complex residential buildings, commercial segment such as shopping malls/office spaces/hospitals/hotels, ESCOs, and authorities.

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Tehran O&G Knowledge Transfer Seminar

PASSED EVENT – Read the related news here: financialtribunenorwaynewsripi webpage.

Our Upstream O&G Knowledge Transfer Seminar is the must attend event for domestic top-level O&G managers, decision makers, and high-ranked training representatives from both public and authoritative private companies/organizations looking for up-to-date knowledge as well as state-of-the-art experience transfer between Norway and Iran in upstream O&G industry.

The seminar is not open to the public and participants are invited to actively take part in the seminar. For participation, please register here. Thereafter, we will contact you to confirm your registration and send you an invitation letter.

Below comes the poster of seminar and more details of Norwegian delegation could be found in the seminar brochure. You can also find all the “presentations” given during this seminar here:

The Consortium: Upstream O&G Knowledge Transfer

UiS: University of Stavanger and National IOR Center of Norway

PETRAD: Petroleum Knowledge for the World

PETRAD: Norwegian Experience in Development of Capacity for the Petroleum Sector

SOTS: Stavanger Offshore Technical School, and

IRIS: International Research Institute of Stavanger.

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact Energiring.


WHEN: Monday, 08 Aug 2016 (18 Mordad 1395)

WHERE: Research Institute of Petroleum Industry (RIPI), Tehran, IRAN

PLEASE NOTE! Only by invitation & registration (free).